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Medi™ "Big" Butler Application Aid

Made by Medi

  • 5499
  • Medi Butler Stocking Application Aid Device an easy and effective way to apply your compression hose.
  • Ideal for those with average sized legs.
  • With a 4" opening, this easy to use device will accommodate most legs.
  • If you have larger legs or wear extra wide calf stockings please see the "Big" Butler.
  • The Travel Butler has adjustable "grab bars" to make transporting the butler easier.
  • Can be used with open or closed toe compression stockings.
  • Easy To Use.
Donning with Medi Butler Instructions for use
Step 1

Lay the compression stocking in the stirrup with the toe of the stocking facing forwards. Turn the upper border of the stocking inside out and over the frame.
Step 2

Slide the stocking down over the stirrup until the heel appears at the edge of the stirrup.
Step 3

Now place the medi butler on the floor. Slip your foot, toes first, into the toe of the stocking. It is recommended that you lean against something firm (table, wall) for support.
Step 4

Now step into the rigid stand. Please check that the toe and the heel are correctly positioned.
Step 5

By pulling alternately on the handles you can now slide the stocking up towards your knee.
Step 6

When the stocking is just below the knee, tilt the medi butler slightly backwards and remove it from the stocking.
Step 7

To finish, smooth the compression stocking upwards evenly. Please make sure you ease the stocking up bit by bit without gathering it up or pulling on the top.

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